Occupation(s) Close. She asks Xia Qingyue the identity of the person who opened all her veins, but after Xia Qingyue told her that that master specifically told her not to reveal his identity she gave up.[4]. Bloodline Can anyne tell me which chapter does Chu Yuechan and Yun Che meet again after she thinks he is dead and is expelled from ice asgard ? Human Against the Gods. Mature. if yes in witch chapter ?? 楚月璃 Although she was young, her star-like hair reached her waist and fluttered with the wind. against the gods? DSKM The Demonic Angel (Ko's Twin) Joined: Jan 19, 2017 Messages: 271 Likes Received: 194 … Affiliation(s) Highly recommended (295 reviews) Translator: alyschu. Hunted for possessing a heaven-defying object, Yun Che is a … Read Against the Gods Chapter 1370 - A Conclusion “…” Yun Che did not move to pull Ling Jie to his feet. Her face was completely red as she said that, she couldn't even imagine saying something like this but here she said it…, Ryusuke grinned as he heard her words and replied back in a cheeky tone, "The stage is all yours darling." Beside him, Chu Yuechan was under the protection of the Primordial Azure Dragon's power, as she was enveloped by a layer of light-blue colored aura. After being expelled, Xuanyuan Yufeng sent three men from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to attack and kill her, but it ended in failure, as she escaped into the Snow Region of Extreme Ice and found a snow phoenix which she rode to safety and the 3 men became lost in the snow storm. Mar 7, 2017 - Primeira de uma série de ilustrações baseadas em personagens da novel chinesa "Against the Gods". Against the Gods 逆天邪神/Ni Tian Xie Shen Synopsis: Wielding the sky poison pearl, receiving the blood of an evil god … Press J to jump to the feed. Ryusuke stared at the soft bed as he pushed her onto her soft bed as he glanced at her with lust evident in his eyes, Chu Yuechan also stared back with the same intensity. Yes 21 vote(s) 19.6% No 60 vote(s) 56.1% Probably thinking to much into it. As seen when she went out of control after hearing news of Yun Che’s “death”. so Yun Che will probably see her at higher realm rakyu2911, May 8, 2017 #77. It was hard for anyone to ascertain her true age. Empire A face that was carved from jade was extremely cute, but a pair of bright eyes were trying their best to flash with a fierce light. One of Frozen Cloud Asgard's Seven Fairies Reincarnation in Against The Gods 84 Swallowed by Chu Yuechan Author: Evil_Dragon Genre: Fantasy UpdateTime: 2020-10-19 01:51:02 Ryusuke's right hand rested on her great ass as he whispered back to her, "I missed you too Yuechan…" With that, their heads moved closer to each other and slowly closed the distance between their lips. User account menu. Posted by. Profound Sky Continent She came out with the rest of the Seven Fairies to fight Yun Che when he came to Frozen Cloud Asgard to look for Chu Yuechan but were defeated. She has a cold attitude towards everyone except her master, and views the Frozen Cloud Asgard's rules as absolute. After seeing him easily beat competitors of up to the 7th stage of Spirit Profound Realm, she was even more shaken. Also known as Blue Wind Empire Reincarnation in Against The Gods 84 Swallowed by Chu Yuechan. Profound Strength Fantasy. It was a wonderful feeling which turned him on…. During Yun Che's matches, she was shocked once she realized that Yun Che, who was Xia Qingyue's crippled husband, had managed to reach the peak of True Profound Realm in only 18 months. His hands were twitching as he wanted nothing more than to tear apart the clothes which were covering her body but he endured that thought and gently unclothed her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But in his heart, he had never forgotten Chu Yuechan’s … Black Chu Yueli is a part of the Frozen Cloud Asgard's Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, know as the Fairy of Frozen Glass. [CN] Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) - Chapters 284. ", To this, Chu Yuechan didn't have any words to reply back to him as she simply nodded while blushing as well, she had finally finished gulping his cum and looks towards Ryusuke with a pleading expression as she said, "Don't tease me anymore dear! Continent Against the Gods Chapter 163 . Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. Frozen Cloud Asgard [Spoilers] Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Spoiler. [7], After Yun Che returned from the Illusory Demon Realm with the Overlord Pellet, he helped all disciples assimilate the pellet, including Chu Yueli. Blue Pole Star They grew up together and joined … Chinese. Namun, mereka juga memberikan perasaan tenang dan hangat yang tak terlukiskan. Chu Yueli. Details. SWALLOW IT ALL MY DEAR!!" Ice Phoenix Chu Yuechan and Yun Che meet again and Yuechan introduces him to his daughter, finally letting her meet with her father, and told her that he was searching for them all along. Unknown[1] report. After he beat Xia Qingyue, who was at the time at the 3rd stage of Earth Profound Realm, she was utterly speechless. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In fact, he was not the least bit surprised by his actions. Her Profound Strength rose to the Tyrant Profound Realm. She opened her mouth to the limit and put the tip of his dick in her mouth, this was just a start and her face went down as she swallowed more and more in her mouth. Chǔ yuè lí He released pheromones as Chu Yuechan also felt a hot feeling, even though the whole Sect was made with Ice, she couldn't suppress the hot feeling in her body and knew what it wanted. [source] Because he knew very well that the affair concerning Chu Yuechan had always weighed very heavily on Ling Jie’s heart and… Heretic God Attributes as of 1062. In fact, she was very afraid of what the future might have in store for them. Chu Yueli Chinese. She is Chu Yuechan's younger sister and the master of Xia Qingyue. Tidak seperti kasus di Danau Surgawi Netherfrost, dia benar-benar marah pada Yun Che, … Official Art commissioned by Mars. Against the Gods – 1365 Bahasa Indonesia. He stared at her pussy entrance and licked his lips, her put two fingers at her pussy and felt them getting wet as he commented, "Such wetness, looks like I am not the only one getting excited. She seemed to be in her twenties, and then in her thirties, yet still appeared to be in her teens as well. She has peerless elegance and a pure holiness like a fairy who had descended from the palace in the moon. Xuanhuan. After she found out that Chu Yuechan was pregnant, and from Yun Che to top it off, she had no idea how to respond. At this time, Gong Yuxian’s gaze finally fell beside Chu Yuechan. Read Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System - 48 Chapter 48: Yun Che vs Chu YueChan online free from your Mobile, PC at Novelhall.com He fondled her breasts as he slowly and slowly went down while kissing her body…, As he kissed her body, Chu Yuechan felt a shiver run down her spine and let out a cute moan, "Ah… Mhm~" Ryusuke didn't stop and continued his way down, he reached her navel and gave it a kiss…, "Mmhm~" Was let out by Chu Yuechan as she touched the back of his head and huskily said, "Its unfair that I am the only one naked… Let me help you remove your clothes." [2], After that, she appeared again when Xiao Kuangyun was causing trouble for Xia Qingyue at the Xiao Clan. Read Reincarnation in Against The Gods - 84 Swallowed by Chu Yuechan online free from your Mobile, PC at Novelhall.com She removed his cloak that was worn by him, the shirt and his pants as well, she wasn't very skilful in it but Ryusuke was patient, it was interesting for him to see Chu Yuechan trying to remove his clothes. Chu Yuechan stared into the distance with complicated eyes. Age [5] She gave him Little Chan as it would allow him a higher chance to find Chu Yuechan. Unknown Parents Chu Yuechan (Elder Sister) Gong Yuxian (Mother Figure) Yun Wuxin (Niece) 3 years ago. Does they meet ? His words caused Yuechan to double with joy, she was initially very scared that Ryusuke would leave her because of her weak strength and trained hard for this purpose. Close. Books: Against the Gods/逆天邪神 fanfiction archive with over 7 stories. Status Afterwards, she brought her back to Frozen Cloud Asgard and, under her behest, helped save Xiao Lingxi from Xiao Kuangyun's schemes. She was especially angry at Yun Che, since she believed that he must've used some foul play to seduce Chu Yuechan and their feelings couldn't have been mutual. 293. I am proud of you Yuechan." Xia Qingyue Time slowly passed by. save. Read Against the Gods Chapter 1562 - Beihan Chu english translated light novel update daily She has an exceptional snow white complexion, vermilion lips and black hair. First Mendengar kata-kata dingin seperti itu dari Chu Yuechan, Ling Yuefeng hanya bisa tersenyum getir. She had, thus, awakened the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins. Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, Yun Che releases killing intent which startles Jasmine, Yun Che gets Dragon God's bone marrow and soul, Yun Che tricks the Xiao Sect; steals their treasury, while pretending to be related to them, Chu Yuechan's determination to give birth to Yun Che's child, Frozen Cloud Asgard's Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, https://ni-tian-xie-shen-against-the-gods.fandom.com/wiki/Chu_Yueli?oldid=47533. [8], Mu Bingyun bestowed the 6 remaining Fairies each a drop of blood essence so they could cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts, thus giving Chu Yueli a very thin Ice Phoenix bloodline.[9]. Pinyin Who exactly was this person, that actually made Chu Yuechan... During those years he bitterly loved Chu Yuechan while lowering his figure, losing his dignity, and followed Chu Yuechen for dozens of years, yet he still had never even seen her face once.

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